Pope asks athletes not to use steroids

Even the Pope is weighing in on the subject of using drugs to gain an edge in competition.

Some have argued that “it’s not really cheating” to use steroids and other substances to gain an edge in competition.  They say it’s just like using a state of the art pair of athletic shoes or dress.

I hope those arguments are now put to rest.


VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI has warned athletes not to strengthen their bodies “at all costs” or through illegal substances.

Benedict said Monday that sports, when done with passion, can help develop ethics and a taste for “healthy competitiveness.”

But he said during an audience at the Vatican with a group of ski instructors that an athlete’s body “cannot be considered an object” or be “worshipped.”

Instead, it should be respected and not treated like a “tool to be strengthened at all costs, maybe even using unlawful means.”

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