Outspoken anti-steroid advocate Berkman calls it quits

HOUSTON — Lance Berkman, an outspoken critic of Major League Baseball players who used steroids, announced his retirement Wednesday, drawing the curtain on a 15-year all-star career.

“It doesn’t make sense to play in the physical condition I’m in,” Berkman told MLB.com. “I’m not going to keep trying to run out there for the heck of it.”

Berkman said last year that players who used steroids shouldn’t be allowed in the hall of fame.

“My personal opinion is as a guy who has done it clean my whole career that if a guy has taken steroids he shouldn’t be in,” he said. “There are guys whose careers were made because they took steroids.”

Berkman played 73 games last season with Texas, hitting just .242 with six home runs, 10 doubles and 34 RBI.

Berkman made his major-league debut in 1999 with the Astros, participating in 34 games and batting .237. He went on to lead the majors in doubles with 55 in 2001 and then led the National League with 128 RBI in 2002.

“Lance was one of the greatest players in Astros history,” the Astros said in a statement.

Berkman drove in 1,234 career runs over 1,879 games with the Astros, Yankees, Cardinals and Rangers.


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2 Responses to Outspoken anti-steroid advocate Berkman calls it quits

  1. Jim Evans says:

    It has to be frustrating to play your entire career “clean” while the cheaters walk away with all the money, the championship rings, the stats, and the adulation. Kudos for playing the game by the rules and setting a positive example of what can be accomplished without cheating.

  2. BOB BONAR says:

    This is an excellent article with an important view. So Berkman admits he cant physically compete. He quits and complains. What happened to determination? The virtue of heroes. The HOF has been kept away from those suspected of steroid use. Only the ones that have used and not been caught have gotten away with it and gotten in. Also what’s to be done with Gaylord Perry, he proudly boasted that he cheated by throwing illegal pitches throughout his career and you know where he is now? In the Hall of Fame.