Oli Smith

Oli Smith

Bodybuilder can’t live without anabolics despite suffering a cyst the size of a tennis ball and losing his job thanks to ‘roid rage’

A 23-year-old bodybuiler who spends £400 a month on anabolic steroids has revealed how he cannot live without them – despite suffering a cyst bigger than a tennis ball.

Carpet fitter Oli Smith, of Halesowen, West Midlands, claims the potentially-deadly steroids help him have sex until he ‘passes out’, and he can bench-press almost 5st more than his body weight.

He said that he wants to ‘lift heavy weights, have sex, eat food and be a wild animal’ while on the steroids, which are illegal to possess with intent to supply – but legal to own for personal use.

Mr Smith told The Sun: ‘Apart from the side-effects you feel fantastic. In a club you feel like the biggest, strongest, best-looking, most powerful man in the world.’

But he added that he developed painful hard lumps in his bottom after injecting it with the drugs twice a week, and grew a ‘cyst that was bigger than a tennis ball’ when injecting his shoulder.

Doctors told Mr Smith to get the cyst removed – which would have meant cutting away part of the muscle – but instead he drew out the liquid himself with a syringe, reported the newspaper.

He also developed hard tissue in his breasts, and was told by medics that he needed an operation for that too. But he got hold of tamoxifen, which is used to treat breast cancer, and ‘that sorted it out’.

He was not discouraged from steroids despite the side-effects, and still refuses to stop taking them.

Mr Smith has been using steroids since he was 17 – shortly after starting at the gym when he left school at 16 – and doubled his weight from 7st to 14st in three years, reported The Sun.

‘Apart from the side-effects you feel fantastic. In a club you feel like the biggest, strongest, best-looking, most powerful man in the world’

Oli Smith

While steroids can enhance performance by increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat, they can also lead to lower sperm count, breast development and overgrowth of the forehead.

And Mr Smith told The Sun: ‘Aggression is one of the main problems. I lost my first job because I pushed over my team leader. I wasn’t at all aware of how it happened. I had a blackout.’

Some 60,000 people in Britain aged between 16 and 59 are said by medical guidance body the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to have used steroids over the past year.

Earlier this month an inquest in Bradford heard how an obsessive bodybuilder who suffered two heart attacks and three strokes because of his massive intake of anabolic steroids died aged just 20.

Fitness fanatic Oli Cooney had been told by doctors when he was 18 that he was putting his life at risk if he did not limit his weightlifting but he refused to listen – and told family he was ‘invincible’.

Prices vary, but anabolic steroids cost about £20 for 100 tablets – and are also available in liquid form, the drug advice website Frank says.

The abuse of steroids was highlighted in 2010 when relatives of Raoul Moat said the 37-year-old ex-nightclub bouncer, who went on a shooting spree in Northumberland, was addicted to the muscle-building drugs and prone to ‘unpredictable’ eruptions of anger.

Increased aggression and violent episodes among anabolic steroid users have been documented across the world since the 1970s by researchers examining what is sometimes labelled ‘roid rage’.

Experts have also highlighted how a disturbing number of bodybuilders have been involved in murders compared with other sportsmen.

In 1998, an article in the US magazine Sports Illustrated highlighted the large number of bodybuilders jailed for killings compared with other athletes.

One well-known case is that of former Mr Universe Bertil Fox, who was convicted of the murders of his girlfriend and her mother on the Caribbean island of St Kitts in 1998.


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  1. Finley says:

    Roid rage? Unproven. I know people who who jerks before using steroids and bigger jerks while on. Performance enhancers have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years.