Man dies from steroids!

We are continually challenged to show examples of people who have died from steroid abuse.  Some claim that this phenomenon is fiction. Here is another entry in a long string of examples of people who died from using anabolic steroids.

A 26-year-old Bulgarian man has passed away in Bulgaria’s Varna as a result of the continuous intake of anabolic steroids.

The young man was taking steroids extensively to boost his lifts in the weight room. He died just hours after being admitted to the hospital.

He was diagnosed with steroid intoxication, and it has been confirmed by the doctors that this was the cause of death.

In black and white, right on this young man’s death certificate, is another case of steroids claiming a victim. The steroids had enlarged his heart, clogged his veins, and made it difficult to breathe.  We are continually fighting to keep people of every age from traveling down this dark path.

Read the full story at, and learn more about the dangers of these drugs here. 

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One Response to Man dies from steroids!

  1. Paul says:

    This has since been refuted. His death was ruled inconclusive. This article is an edited version which shows steroid toxicity requires a 220lb bodybuilder to take 29,000 tablets in a 15 minute period for steroid intoxication to result in death.