Louisiana steroid bust


Daily News Editor – Jennings, LA

Approximately $30,000 worth of powder and liquid testosterone was confiscated by the Jennings Police Department (JPD) Wednesday in a bust that marked the largest steroid seizure in the department's history.

One kilo of powder testosterone was seized in the largest steroid bust in JPD history. The drugs were valued at $25,000 and could have been manufactured into approximately 250 vials of liquid steroids.

Chase Benoit, 24, of Koll Road in Hathaway was arrested as the suspected ring leader of the steroid manufacturing operation. He was booked in to the city jail on charges of possession with intent to distribute a Schedule III narcotic.

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2 Responses to Louisiana steroid bust

  1. billy b says:

    this is pathetic. wasting money and time on this. and then giving some bull $hi* value of product. just to make the ” drug king pin ” look even worse.
    stop with ur corrupt ways.
    its a joke.
    feel sorry for the guy who got busted

  2. Donald says:

    he is just a small dealer, but how about those who are operating millions of $$$