LaRon Landry is enormous!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but unfortunately Google’s algorithm doesn’t recognize that saying, so I still have to write at least 150. But holy sh*t, what else can one say about LaRon Landry? The oft-injured Washington Redskins safety and Leesburg, Va. resident tweeted a few pics of himself, and damn, he is enormous (via DC Sports Bog: 

Let the steroid speculation begin! It really shouldn’t matter, though, because all the steroids in the world couldn’t make the Redskins a good football team. Only John Beck, Warrior-Prince, can change the franchise’s fortunes. So ogle away, Redskins fans, while September is but a dream, a mirage in the distance that promises a trip to the playoffs.

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One Response to LaRon Landry is enormous!

  1. c-note says:

    The first picture was taken in the mirror and would cast an opposing left to right image. That is why his right arm has no tattoo. The mirror image would appear to be his right arm, but really it is his left.