Juan Manuel Marquez Steroids Rumor Spreads! Acne On Boxer’s Chest, Sudden Body Mass Increase Are Telltale Signs! 40 Year Old Boxer’s Trainer Is Convicted Drug Dealer!

Juan Manuel Marquez Steroids Rumor Spreads! Acne On Boxer’s Chest, Sudden Body Mass Increase Are Telltale Signs! 40 Year Old Boxer’s Trainer Is Convicted Drug Dealer!

After winning his fight with Mike Alvarado, Juan Manuel Marquez continues to be hounded by the steroids issue-or Performance Enhancing Drugs, as they call it. Observers note the acne in his chest, his six pack that was not prominently seen prior to his fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao and his ripped overall physique at 40 years old as evidence.

Victor Conte was a convicted drug peddler who now espouses to clean up the sport. From Fight Saga: Since pleading guilty to steroid distribution and money laundering in 2005, and subsequently serving a sentence of four months in a prison camp and four months of home detention, Victor has been one of the strongest proponents for cleaning up the “hurt business” and implementing new policies for more stringent and mandatory drug testing within the antiquated sport of boxing.”

Juan Manuel Marquez’ trainer, Angel Heredia Hernandez aka ‘Memo’ was also convicted with him. Both have tread the same path, claiming they are clean. However, they are not, by any means, best of friends.

Conte was one of those who noticed the signs of Marquez alleged steroid use. His tweets were reprinted by Fight Saga:

“Victor Conte ?@VictorConte May 17
JMM is 40 yrs old w/ muslces poping out, acne all over his chest, @Guruscience Memo as his trainer & @BobArum & boxing do get it
Read more at http://www.fightsaga.com/news/item/4495-Juan-Manuel-Marquez-scrutinized-by-Victor-Conte-on-Twitter#l2ftiZ4l7RKGV9ba.99

Victor Conte ?@VictorConte May 17
RT @theboxingbrains: due 2 my disgust 4 doping in Boxing I shall not watch Marquez/Alvarado. Marvel all you want JMM is doping @Vada_Testing”

That was a direct accusation in the categorical statement “JMM is doping.”

HBO color commentator Max Kellerman also had an interview after the fight wherein he expressed his honest personal feelings in an interview with Radio Rahim:  “I’m always highly cynical when I see a guy who gets faster when he gets older.”

Boxing Insiders: “It was before that last Pacquiao contest that Marquez began working with strength and conditioning coach Angel “Memo” Heredia, who began using an alias after testifying in numerous PEDs cases as a prosecution witness. Prosecutors let him walk away after he ratted out former associates, including Victor Conte. Heredia repeatedly admitted under oath that he supplied PEDs to numerous athletes in track and field and other sports and that he specialized in figuring out how to beat testing for PEDs.
Conte, who served less than a year for his crimes, is, like Heredia, back in business, but they are definitely not pals. Both say they now work clean.”

Even Grantland’s editor in chief Bill Simmons chimed in after the Pacquiao fight: “My favorite recent look-the-other-way example: Juan Manuel Marquez couldn’t knock down Manny Pacquiao for 36 solid rounds over three of their fights. Before their third fight, the 39-year-old Marquez aligned himself with a disgraced strength-and-conditioning coach named Angel Heredia (Google his name and PEDs; it’s a fun 10 minutes), arrived in Vegas so ripped that he weighed in four pounds under the 147-pound limit, knocked Pacquiao down early with a vicious power punch, then coldcocked him a few rounds later with one of the single greatest knockout punches ever thrown. What did we do? We bought the fight, gathered in our living rooms. We oohed and aahed, tweeted our disbelief and forwarded the YouTube clip around. And when Marquez passed the bogus post-fight drug test – for the record, Keith Richards in 1978 after a night at Studio 54 could pass one of boxing’s drug tests – everyone let the moment go.”

And until there would be stricter drug tests imposed on all of boxing, we would have no choice but to see packs of steroids waging war in the ring.


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