Government provides glimpse of its gameplan to try and convict slugger Barry Bonds of perjury

Prosecutors for the Barry Bonds perjury case have watched the presiding federal judge dismiss key evidence, have had to revise the indictment several times and have withstood a motion to dismiss the case by the home run king’s defense team.

But the trial appears to be on course for its scheduled start date – March 21 – and Thursday night the government filed documents that provide a glimpse at the strategy it will use to try to convict the former Giant who socked 762 career homers.

Some of the evidence the prosecutors will unveil includes an alleged positive drug test of Bonds from MLB’s 2003 survey testing year, the testimony of Bonds’ former teammates and of former girlfriend Kimberly Bell and testimony of others who allegedly witnessed Bonds using steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. At least one of those witnesses, his one-time personal shopper Kathy Hoskins, will testify that she saw Bonds getting injected with PEDs by his former trainer Greg Anderson. Bell will testify to the distinct physical changes in Bonds’ body, allegedly as a result of steroid use. And the government will use portions of a tape-recorded conversation between Anderson and Bonds’ former business partner Steve Hoskins that allegedly has Anderson saying he injected Bonds with PEDs.

Anderson is expected to refuse to testify against Bonds when he appears before U.S. District Judge Susan Illston on Tuesday.

Bonds, 46, has pleaded not guilty to charges he lied before a 2003 grand jury when he said he never knowingly used PEDs.

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