Doping Scandal in India

RANCHI: Empty vials of stimulating drugs and used syringes were recovered from the toilets of Ganpat Rai Indoor Stadium and cleaning staff reported seeing some athletes using the injections, raising possibility of doping in the ongoing National Games. Officials have promised to investigate.

Jharkhand Wrestling Federation’s general secretary Bhola Nath Singh took a serious note of the issue. “It is a serious issue,” he said, adding “it was criminal act to resort to usage of drugs in competitive sport and would ruin the very career of the sports person using it.”

He, however, added that it would be premature to jump to conclusions that wrestlers were using the drugs, and noted that the stadium at the Mega Sports Complex earlier hosted taekwondo and gymnastics events.

Jharkhand Olympic Association general secretary MG Hashmi expressed ignorance of the entire matter but said he would look into it.

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