Does Pauly D take steroids?

Pauly D Unrecognizable

Great post from Hard Core Bodybuilding Life, discussing whether or not Pauly D uses steroids.

Well his arms are not as big as they should be, but his chest and low body fat give it away. His anger is not that much of a problem though, but sometimes you see him get quite angry. So all this brings me to the conclusion that Pauly D is taking a low dose of Testosterone Enanthate and a low dose of Tren. Maybe some Winstrol. You can easily tell he is on these because also on the Pauly D project he looks quite large and cut. His chest is shredded and had much less body fat than other of his appearances on MTV. Of course, just like Ronnie, and maybe even “The Situation” he is doing some PCT (post cycle therapy).

You can read the full article at: Hardcore Bodybuilding Life
It remains unseen if Pauly D is indeed using steroids. What we do know is that steroids remain an epidemic among our youth. Take the time to educate yourself on the signs of steroid use that you can tell if your child or other loved one is using these dangerous, and illegal, drugs.


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