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Police officer charged with selling steroids online


Hudson County Acting Prosecutor Gaetano T. Gregory announced that Michael Cucciniello, 43, was charged on Friday, Nov. 14 with Obtaining a Controlled Dangerous Substance by Fraud in violation of N.J.S. 2C:35-13, a third degree crime. Cucciniello is a police officer with the Secaucus Police Department.

Investigators allege that between the period of Feb.… Continue Reading…

Another bicycle rider fails doping test

Astana at the team presentation of the 2014 Giro d'Italia

The integrity of the Astana team has been brought into question again after the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced on Wednesday that Continental Team Astana rider Victor Okishev failed a test for anabolic androgenic steroids in May.

According to the UCI, Okishev failed the test from a sample taken during the Asian Cycling Championships on May 29.… Continue Reading…

Attn: Parents. You MUST read this article about energy drinks from the American Heart Assoc.

Poison control data show energy drinks and young kids don’t mix

energy drinks

More than 40 percent of 5,156 calls about energy drinks to U.S. poison control centers involved children younger than 6 with some suffering serious cardiac and neurological symptoms, according to a new study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014.

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What exactly is HGH? Why would an athlete use it?

By:  Jo Innes who is a real-life doctor and contributor for Sporting News.

The NFL and NFLPA agreed on changes to their drug testing policy this fall, and among those changes is an agreement to begin testing for human growth hormone (HGH). Five teams are selected each week, and eight players from each of those teams are subject to blood tests.Continue Reading…

Ireland: More people using steroids are signing up to drug treatment programmes

A new report finds those using are men with an average age of 24

More people using steroids are signing up to drug treatment programmes

Merchants Quay director Tony Geoghegan

A new report has revealed that a growing number of people who use steroids or performance enhancing drugs are seeking help from Irish drug treatment services.

The study, from Merchants Quay Ireland, says steroid users are at serious risk of physical, psychological and behavioural harm.… Continue Reading…

Ex-Sayreville High School coach indicted on steroid possession charge


Charlie Garcia — the former assistant football coach at Sayreville War Memorial High School who, police say, was pulled over with steroids in his vehicle — has been indicted on drug possession charges.

The formal indictment on a third-degree charge of possession of a controlled dangerous substance was filed Wednesday in Somerset County Superior Court.… Continue Reading…


by:  GetOffTheRoids

“I woke up one morning and nearly had a heart attack at the sight of myself, my nipples were the size of sand dollars”

This is just what happened to Craig Davidson, the author of the novel, The Fighter, who began injecting steroids to get a first hand account of what steroid use was like.… Continue Reading…

The “choice” that is destroying the fabric of sports in America

by:  Jim Evans

The epidemic of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports has been largely defined as a “choice” – the choice between breaking the rules (cheating) and using PEDs or playing by the rules and not using PEDs.

The "choice" is yours

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Those who make first choice – using PEDs – usually walk away as winners in most sports with all the trophies, the accolades, the media attention, the endorsements – and money – associated with winning.… Continue Reading…

Did this bodybuilder’s steroid use contribute to his rejection of a kidney transplant?

Days after a kidney transplant, Luke Wood, 35, collapsed at home on August 31, 2011. He rushed to Westmead Hospital in Sydney where he died from a severe haemorrhage, eight weeks before he was due to be married

Champion body builder Luke Wood is likely to have still died from a massive haemorrhage following a kidney transplant, even if doctors had seized on missed opportunities to treat him, a coroner has found.

Mr Wood was eight weeks away from his wedding when he died at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital from a massive internal haemorrhage on August 31, 2011.Continue Reading…

Another cyclist tests positive for steroids

Kazakh cycling team Astana’s participation in next year’s WorldTour was further compromised on Wednesday when the International Cycling Union (UCI) announced a fourth rider in two months had tested positive for a banned substance.

Victor Okishev, who rides for Astana’s reserve team, failed a test for steroids during the Asian championships last May and has been suspended.… Continue Reading…