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Surprisingly, “Mr. Big” speaks out against steroids

Justin Rys

Wellington’s one-time “Mr Big” of the body building scene has become an unlikely poster boy in the movement against “juicing”.

Former body building champion Justin Rys, 38, was jailed for importing fantasy with a street value of $2.1 million. Now long out of prison, Rys has turned his life around.

With his health faltering and speech affected after years of pushing his body to its limit, Rys is warning others to stay clean.… Continue Reading…

Luis Ortiz tests positive for steroids (nandralone)

Heavyweight Luis Ortiz, who overwhelmed Lateef Kayode in a blistering first-round knockout victory to win a vacant interim world title on Sept. 11 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, likely won’t keep the belt for long.

Ortiz, who goes by the nickname “King Kong,” voluntarily provided a urine sample before the fight, which tested positive for the banned anabolic steroid nandrolone in the postfight drug screen, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s complaint against him.… Continue Reading…

Famous horse trainer found guilty of possessing steroids

Trainer Philip Fenton has been found guilty of possessing anabolic steroids that could have been intended for the use in racehorses in Ireland.

At a hearing brought about by Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Fenton was fined €6,000, but the total will exceed €10,000 when costs of the case are included.

The court heard how several substances were obtained from Fenton’s stables in January 2012, including a kilogram of Nitrotain which is illegal in racehorses in Ireland.… Continue Reading…

The dangers of steroids

The dangers of steroids could affect anyone-- including law enforcement.  There

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) — It’s all about quick pumps and quick growth.

“It’s a quick reaction, they’re not even thinking about it,” said James Cooks, a bodybuilder.

There’s a lot of things about steroids that are quick– including your temper.

“It’s a roller coaster. It’ll take you up and it’ll bring you down real quick,” he said.… Continue Reading…


THE surge of steroid use by young people in Cork has led a well-known personal trainer to warn they are playing Russian Roulette with their health.

Compelling anecdotal evidence of a rise in steroid use in Cork has emerged in recent years as both young men and women vie for attention on social media networks and while out socialising.… Continue Reading…

Chemist broke the rules with steroid supplies for rugby team


PHARMACIST linked to the Cronulla Sharks’ 2011 supplement program has been found guilty of professional misconduct, including supplying steroids and human growth hormones in breach of regulations.

Chemist Maged Sedrak, 59, who once produced peptides for controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank, had at least 18 breaches proven against him on Wednesday relating to the dispensing of regulated substances and improper record keeping.… Continue Reading…

Male Body Image: Steroids wont help but educating yourself will

by Mark Fleming

It is becoming more and more important for men to look better, more muscle mass, have abs, have a tan and be well groomed.

More and more men are hitting the gym in search of a leaner and muscular physique that they see in magazines and on television.… Continue Reading…

Physician writes scripts for tens of thousands of steroids and other PEDs

A Perth GP has been struck off for writing tens of thousands of prescriptions for steroids, human growth hormones and stimulants for no therapeutic purpose and without regard for potential adverse effects.

The Medical Board of Australia brought charges against Mughammad Saliem Ismail, who also practised under the name Salim Ismail, after an investigation by the WA health department.… Continue Reading…

Miami Police Could Start Steroid Testing Cops Next Month

via FreeRaulIgelasias.com
Former Miami Sgt. Raul Iglesias is serving a five-and-a-half year sentence for ripping off drug dealers. Another veteran officer says he was a Biogenesis client.

Last week, New Times revealed at least two Miami Police officers had been customers of Biogenesis, the notorious Coral Gables steroid clinic at the heart of Major League Baseball’s biggest doping scandal, and that a former Florida Department of Health investigator refused to involve the force in his case after steroids went missing from an evidence room.… Continue Reading…

Georgia sheriff’s office decides not to conduct internal steroid investigation

The Richmond County Sheriff

AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) — The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says they are not investigating deputies and there is no internal investigation after reports of alleged steroid use.

Investigators say it all started after an informant hinted deputies might be involved with illegal steroid use. But they say that informant has not named anyone, and he’s actually being investigated for selling and using illegal steroids as well.… Continue Reading…