Bogus fitness company busted for peddling $8M in steroids

Bogus fitness company busted for peddling $8M in steroidsBogus fitness company busted for peddling $8M in steroidsshutterstock_358935065Image result for police line

An illegal steroids ring peddling $8 million in the drugs to more than 50 people in the metro area has been busted, authorities said Wednesday.

Nine men were arrested for using a bogus company, Wellness Fitness Nutrition, as their front, officials said.

The mastermind behind the scheme, Richard Rodriguez, 37, claimed that the business was federally licensed and FDA compliant when it made and sold anabolic steroids, authorities said.

Instead, the company was illegally making the drugs with materials shipped from China and sold them to people without prescriptions through its Web site, authorities said.

The scheme was brought down when undercover agents bought more than $30,000 worth of the drugs.

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