Baylor Health Sports Symposium

Sunday, August 12th

Liberty High School

15250 Rolater Rd Frisco, TX 75035

The best part of coaching is interacting with the future of our world. Making a positive difference in a youth’s life is an experience that can’t be replaced. But being a coach is more than ‘Atta Boy’ and ‘Good Job’. Coaches have a responsibility to not only offer support, but be knowledgeable about any potential health and injury issues. As we learn more about the human body, it becomes our jobs to ensure that everyone on the field is safe at all times, and have the proper resources to provide immediate support.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is proud to be a part of Baylor Health’s Sports Medicine Symposium on August 12th, teaching local coaches, educators, and health professionals alike about the dangers steroids pose to our youth.  Whether we want to believe it or not, steroids are an option for kids, even in middle school. Learn the effects of these destructive drugs, as well as how to identify use and even stop them from being used in the first place.

Other subjects discussed will include psychology, concussions, strength, and much more. Don’t miss the FREE event that is sure to leave with a renewed sense of purpose, as well as the knowledge to back it up. Space is limited, so sign up today for this engaging and educational program. Lunch will be provided.

To Register:

Call: 1-800-4Baylor


Watch the video here.