Aziz ‘Zyzz’ Sergeyevich Shavershia


Excerpts of this story from, “Customs reveals steroid abuse is skyrocketing”. Originally published on August 15h, 2011; and “‘Shattered’: Body of bodybuilder ‘Zyzz’ Heading Home”, originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald on August 11th, 2011. 

Online BodyBuilding Icon Dies of Undiagnosed Heart Defect

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, better known by his internet handle of “Zyzz”, was an ameatuer bodybuilding icon. He was a frequent contributer to online bodybuilding forums and posted numerous videos and “how-to’s”. In short, he was idolized by thousands across the globe.

Despite what achieving what many thought to be the perfect body, Zyzz claimed he had done so without steroids, as he stated after his brother had been arrested for possession of steroids;

“”The article potrays me in a negative light, using my photo for what was an article predominately [sic] about anabolic steroids when I have never been charged, caught, or convicted with anything related to drug use.”

But when Mr. Shavershia died suddenly of cardiac arrest at only 22 years old due to an undiagnosed heart defect, red flags were raised. Despite Zyzz’s emphatic denials of steroid use, his employeer stated that;

“He was a good guy, aside from the steroids.”

Perhaps he was speaking of his own suspicions, but during the peak of Zyzz’s internet fame, his home country of Australlia was seeing tremendous spikes of steroid shipments. Austrailian customs seizures of steroids had more than doubled in only five years.

“Customs made 2695 seizures of steroids and growth hormones in the year to July 2010, a 155 per cent increase on the 1054 seizures made in 2004-05.”

There’s little doubt that Zyzz’s heavy influence pushed a lot of young men towards bodybuilding. Could Zyzz’s impact and the rise of steroid use in his home country be connected? As for Zyzz himself, anabolic steroids have long been linked to heart failure. If he had been using steroids, his heart was bound to suffer, potentially making his heart defect much more dangerous. We’ve looked further into Zyzz’s death, too.

We’ll probably never know what role (if any) steroids played in the icon’s death. But there are many other tales, including Taylor’s, that are directly linked to steroid use. For those considering using steroids, we encourage you to read Taylor’s Story and discover what happens to the rest of your body when you choose to persue big muscles with steroids. Building muscle is important in athletics, find out how to build muscle without steroids.


10 Responses to Aziz ‘Zyzz’ Sergeyevich Shavershia

  1. Steven says:

    I hate articles like this. Shame on you for blaming this on anabolic steroids without any scientific backing what so ever. The autopsy ruled at steroids as this was caused by a genetic defect. People like you who publish on this site give a bad name to steroids, and steroid users.

    Note from the Management of THF: If these pro steroid users think we are giving a “bad name” to steroids, then I guess we are making progress. This is EXACTLY what we are trying to do!

    • Pat says:

      Steven & James,

      You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about before making comments. His older brother, Chestbrah, even stated steroids played a huge part in his death. Search YouTube for “Chestbrah” – other than that, RIP ZYZZ. You are now amongst the aesthetic gods. Stay shredded.

  2. James says:

    Steven your absolutely right.
    They focus on steroids, yet the number of people that die from steroids are completely dwarfed by the deaths from tobacco and alcohol. I would love to ask them to back up there ‘article’ with some scientific proof.

  3. Joe says:

    This whole article should be fuckin taken down. Shame on you for saying he died because of roids and shame on you for not commemorating him in this article. He inspired a generation to not only bodybuild but to take a step back and look at their character and their friends. He was a shredded god of aesthetics who motivated not only me but tons of other people to work hard and to let the good times role, the haters hate and to let all that truly does not matter, slide. RIP Zyzz Brah wish you could see this

  4. Joe says:

    Steven and James
    You guys got this right. There is no backing that said steroids killed him. This site just jumps to the conclusion of steroids because its run by a bunch of overprotective asses who like to blame literally everything bad that happens in the world on steroids. And you raise a very valid question james, why is tobacco and alcohol still legal when steroids kill only about 5 people a year in the US as opposed to the thousands that tobacco kills alone?

    • Loel says:

      Even his brother Said/Chestbrah said if he didn’t become so famous maybe he wouldn’t have so much pressure to always look good and he’d still be around. Obviously implying that the drugs he used to look good (steroids, stimulants) contributed to his heart attack.

      Said/Chestbrah also posted how he went to the doctor and found out that he has the same heart defect and stopped taking steroids because of it.

      A healthy person doesn’t experience heart problems from steroids until they’re in their 50s+, a person with a heart defect like Zyzz can suffer these problems much earlier especially when rec drugs are also used

  5. Loel says:

    During his trip to Thailand he posted Facebook statuses talking about enjoying the “coca cola”, obviously he was talking about cocaine. On he talked about how he tried every rec drug at least once which includes heroin/meth.

    2 of his friends mentioned “things” were found during the autopsy that they won’t mention out of respect/to save his image. Dude was on a coked out Thailand roid adventure. He also ran extreme steroid cycles. Used clen and dnp all while completely ignoring cardio.

    Truth is he had a minor heart defect that he aggravated through high doses of steroids and his cocaine addiction.

  6. andrei seregeyevich lucan says:

    Loel, he wasn’t Coked up when he was in Thailand. I was watching numerous videos of his tributes. One of the videos was made in Thailand hours before he died. He was drinking coca cola In a restaurant.

    Aside from that, this guy lived like he was going to die soon. He didn’t care what people were thinking of him, just as long as he had fun. Ironically he did die later on. This guy is amazing though. He started a legacy for himself that many people respect. This guy is a role model. I wish he was still alive.

  7. Jeff says:

    His heart attack was predominantly caused by a substance known as clenbuterol, not trenbolone, sustanon or peptides such as arimidex which he commonly used.

  8. This whole site (not just the article) should be taken down. If steroids were the lethal poison this site claims they are, the likes of which are only rivaled by heroin, then gyms would be littered with corpses. UNDIAGNOSED HEART CONDITION….kills people all day every day. If this “Zyzz” person had been killed by a runaway beer truck, the Hooton Foundation would blame it on steroids.