Another young athlete dies from steroids!

Nueva vez la sombra de las sustancias prohibidas se posa sobre jóvenes criollos.

Nueva vez la sombra de las sustancias prohibidas se posa sobre jóvenes criollos.



Juan Manuel Matos is the latest victim of the dream of the major leagues in the Nizao municipality of the Peravia Province. In their community, they understand that excessive use of steroids ended his life. Leaflet died last Thursday at the time they began their practices in a program that works in the play of the municipality of Sabana Palenque, San Cristobal. Now are four prospects who have died in Nizao during the past 14 months, what has unleashed a fury of the community towards the use of banned substances, although so far the authorities have not offered an official version of the events.
Juan Manuel fell dizzy after walking from third base to the mound around 8:30 in the morning. The companion of Juan Manuel, Gabriel García, said that the deceased boy had been injected with a substance that your understanding is b
Relatives and friends of the deceased young man called for for an investigation into the cause of his death. Matos would play 16 years in may, which made him eligible for a contract this year since at that age it can be signed as of July 02.
The despair of a mother
Juan Manuel was yesterday in the House marked with the number 94 of the Gaston calle Fernando Deligne blurred. Every morning, the young man moved from his residence in Nizao to a program for inserts found in Palenque and his mother, Elisa Mercedes, remembers the time of the last farewell.
“Already I I died. I am not satisfied. Made me a sign by hand from afar and wanted it to call to give ten pesos more since she only had ten,”said Mercedes, plunged into a sea of tears.
The neighbouring municipalities of Palenque, where ends San Cristobal, and the Nizao, Peravia, starts represent the area with increased production of major league pitchers in recent years. The example of economic improvement of baseball players who have reached the highest creates a mirage of wealth that attracts families and the inexperienced coaches.
The family of Juan Manuel clamoring for an investigation that clarifies his death. Yesterday underwent a necropsy to the corpse of Matos.
Their parents said that Juan Manuel coach always denied that it would have injected him some steroid.
Pedro Matos, father of Juan Manuel, hopes that the death of his firstborn was not by the so-called prohibited substances.
Young man of Haitian origin who lost his life
In the area is suspected rather the joyful use of steroids. An example of this is the case of Roberto Pérez, of Haitian origin, who died a year ago after a misuse of diamino, as recounted by his brother Alexander. “The forensic doctor explained to me that he died by injecting diamino. He had 18. It reached an agreement to sign a Monday and Friday fell into bed with a ball in the buttock, where had injected,”explained Alexander.
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2 Responses to Another young athlete dies from steroids!

  1. Carmen Gomez says:

    I’m upset, aggravated and sad, right now I’m not part of the THF, right now I’m just a mother who is seeing first hand how this families are suffering, how it could very well be my own family being affected by this tragedy. Something must be done in Latin-American specially in the DR to change the laws and legislations that allow a 10 year old to go and buy steroids at the local drugstores or even at the grocery store next to their house. Steroids and contaminated dietary supplements are killing our kids, all those 5 kids that are now dead where my son’s age. WHAT ARE WE DOING!!!. I’m working in this communities, interacting with this kids and it’s heart breaking to see how the lack of education, the lack of regulations and the lack of care from the local authorities are killing the kids, my kids because I’m Dominican as well!!.

    What needs to happen in order to make the DR government move forward and make anabolic steroids illegal in the country, maybe the day it affects the life of the wealthy and powerful families?

    Maybe the president’s child or the senator’s daughter needs to be killed by this drugs and then they will recognized that this is a real problem?

    Do you even have an idea of how many of this kids have lost their life chasing a dream not of celebrities but a dream to give their family a better life, a decent life with at least a solid roof and 3 meals a day?

    Do you know how many of this lives are lost every year and no one knows about it?

    Do you know how many Juan Manuel’s, Pedro and Roberto’s we had and were never even mentioned?

    This has to stop!!. This can happen to anyone, it don’t matter if is in DR or in China, if it’s rich or poor, if it’s educated or not. THIS HAS TO STOP!!

    We need to educate the kids. We need to educate the parents. We need to educate the coaches but also we need to educate those who have the power to stop the OTC Steroids distribution in Latin-American.

    L. Carmen Gomez

  2. Chad Dukes says:

    There is nothing in this article to indicate that the childs death was due to steroids…other than the authors assertion. If this is true, was the root cause the testosterone, or was the drug contaminated? The illegality of steroids is by far the most dangerous aspect of the drugs. Eliminate the black market and you cut out most of the danger.