Anabolic steroids are against the spirit of sports

Anabolic steroids are against the spirit of sports

Most people who take steroids think there is minimal risk and that they can take it. But it’s going through your brain, its going through your organs and your nervous system and your reproductive system and your heart and liver. There are steroids in some medications but they are not used to build muscle or endurance. Some people think to take a steroid is to take something that is already naturally existing in the body. Anemia and delay puberty in teenagers and stunt their growth. A drop in muscle and a drop in libido are natural developments of natural testosterone 50-70mg levels dropping, and an increase in muscle wasting. They may replace muscle after workout but bypassing these two hormonal imbalances can build endurance and muscle and that is why athletes use them.

An athlete who doesn’t sleep, eat or drink well and misses his workouts can make up for all of that by taking anabolic steroids. He will then be able to blow out of the water the dedicated pure athlete in most cases. Reducing recovery time is another reason athletes use them. Some athletes are taking over 100 times the average normal body output of testosterone by way of injections or pills. Men and women think anabolic steroids are the proverbial fountain of youth. Within a short amount of time a man or women who felt they may have been wasting away due to age can regain their edge to their physique. In sports there is only a small window of opportunity to make millions of dollars for that edge over the competition.

There is a price to pay. Central nervous system lymphoma for NFL player Lyle Alzedo blamed steroids. He also claimed there was a ‘safe way’ to take them if a doctor was involved to safeguard the levels being taken. Severe acne and accumulation of breasts and shrinking of the testes is nothing to pay for the price of all of the money they will be given. For women it is developing facial hair, male pattern baldness and changes to their reproductive stem. What started out as a docile person turns aggressive in nature. Five guys taking them will become unmoved but one guy will go balls out crazy on them. Add that to taking street drugs and alcohol and you have a weird mix of cocktail that could instantly cause death at any given time especially at those high steroid levels. It is not uncommon to see both men and women collapse on stage in bodybuilding competitions.“Roid Rage” is a result of alcohol drinking and anabolic steroids.

The price, what goes up must come down. On outside the body is bigger but on the inside cancer is brewing and hepatitis-blood filled cysts forms on the liver that can bust, tumors form on the kidneys and the body loses its ability to filter the blood, toxin build up and the increase of blood pressure and fluid tensions. The heart will be the next organ to malfunction and shut down. Steve Michalik, “Mr. Universe,” “Mr. America,”Mr. USA” and a devout steroid user collapsed on stage and his doctor said he saw hardly any blood and a body that was filled with toxic death, he said it was the body of a dead person. He had cysts on his liver the size of grapefruits. A catalog of life threatening diseases Michalik believe steroids were the pinnacle of body building.

All of the danger signs are right in front of the athletes. The story of Taylor Hooten. The steroids have no business is the body and they are the most detrimental things young athlete can get involved in. He had an offer from a big team. Within three months a teen can gain thirty pounds, have severe acne and a puffy face. A steroid body using is easy to spot. A personality change is the next noticeable change. A hand driven through a rock wall on two different occasions was next and Taylor slipped into depression and took a belt to his neck and hung himself. Coaches, the family doctor, and teachers then were not trained to look for the signs. He wasn’t looking for a seven-figure contract, he just wanted to be on a good team. His teammates admitted to using steroids, some were scared straight and others went back to using in a matter of a few days. Taylor quit using steroids cold turkey and it caused fluid imbalances and brain and heart damage. TheTaylor Hooten Foundation. Afterwards Texas passed “Taylors Law” to start testing kids for steroids.

It is estimated 50-percent of the population that use steroids are not athletes and use them to look good, are educated professionals. They have been brainwashed by instant gratification and the theory of ‘looking good’ to keep the money making machine going on Wall Street.

When sponsors are involved and there are consumers involved athletes are going to use them. Natural Body Builder’competitions are a breath of fresh air to watch. No one knows better than a pure body builder the challenges of staying away from anabolic steroids and from the poor health that will go with it. The greed and the money and instant success that come with taking steroids are a temptation. Sportsmanship is an athlete dominated by generosity and moderation. It is still a game and you treat people the way you want to be treated: fairness, courage, grace and decency. There is more to sports than winning. There is nothing better than a good game to lift your spirits and playing fairly.

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