‘American Gladiators’ star Nitro hospitalized for Heart Attack, steroids a factor?

Ex-American Gladiators star Nitro was taken to the hospital for a heart attack last Wednesday.

American Gladiators

The former game show fighter said he thinks steroids were the main cause. Nitro, whose real name is Dan Clark, was admitted to the hospital after he experienced intense chest pains and numbness in his left arm while working out.

According to TMZ, Nitro was brought to a nearby urgent care center, where physicians realized he was having a heart attack and sent him to a hospital in a ambulance.

The former Gladiator was then rushed into emergency surgery to remove a blood clot in one of his arteries. During surgery, Nitro was given a brand new stent.

Looks can be deceiving because Nitro is in full physical shape, and this attack was a shock to him. He also believes the heart attack may have been a result of the years of steroid abuse from his Gladiator days.

The former fighter is in good spirits and hopes to make a full recovery. He also mentioned that the worst part is not being able to workout for a month.


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