Sponsors & Affiliates


Thank you to the following Sponsors & Affiliates of the Taylor Hooton Foundation. Without their support fewer youth and their adult influencers would be educated on the dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances.

Interested in joining us to educate kids and help save lives? Contact Amy Wagner, Director of Development at amy.wagner@taylorhooton.org to learn more.

Advocates for Injured Athletes http://www.injuredathletes.org/

American Legion Baseball http://www.legion.org/baseball

Athletes Recovery https://www.nordicnaturals.com/consumers/

Baseball Strength Coaching http://baseballstrength.org

Bike Pure http://bikepure.org/

Coach for America http://www.coachforamerica.com/

D.A.R.E. http://www.dare.com

Drug Free North Carolina http://www.drugfreenc.org/

High School Sport Nutrition http://www.mysportsd.com/

Ignite Performance Group http://www.igniteperformancegroup.com/

Indiana Association of Public School Supers http://www.iapss-in.org/

Major League Strength http://www.mlstrength.com/

Matthew Dear Foundation http://www.matthewdearfoundation.co.uk/default.html

Mental Training http://www.mentaltraininginc.com/

Muscle Against Drugs http://www.muscleagainstdrugs.com/

National Alliance for Youth Sports http://www.nays.org/

National Center for Sports Safety: http://www.sportssafety.org/content/

Scottsdale Charros http://charros.com/

Steroid Analysis http://steroidanalysis.com/

Stop Sports Injuries: http://www.stopsportsinjuries.org/

Teen Truth live http://teentruthlive.com/

The Baseball Resource http://www.thebbr.com/