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Taylor Hooton Foundation
What Does the + Mean?

The Taylor Hooton Foundation’s + is the healthy alternative to the asterisk (*) often used to indicate that a record is somehow tainted by circumstances – like the use of performance enhancing drugs.

The * is an eyesore. It’s today’s Scarlet A … an annoying reminder of something that we don’t even want to be reminded of. The * tells us there is something distastefully hidden; hidden charges, hidden late fees, or the hidden truth.

The THF +, on the other hand, stands for achievement, accountability and authenticity. It’s that little extra oomph to a great story. What you see is what you get.

When an athlete wears the THF +, it tells fans that he or she put in a lot of hard time and effort – they ran that extra mile, ate right, got a full night’s rest, and eagerly showed up to those weekend weight training sessions when they didn’t have to.

And for the player, most importantly, it’s a symbol of faith – that they’re capable of achieving greatness on their own. The THF + is a proud reminder of how they got there…not of what they achieved.