Shedding Light on a Very Dark Topic


The Taylor Hooton Foundation (THF) was formed in memory of Taylor E. Hooton, a 17-year old high school athlete from Plano, TX. Taylor took his own life on July 15, 2003, after using anabolic steroids. Taylor’s parents, family and friends founded the organization after learning of the growing number of middle school, high school and college students illegally using and abusing anabolic steroids, HGH (Human Growth Hormone), unregulated dietary supplements, and other appearance and performance enhancing drugs (APEDs).

They discovered that this is a serious problem among young athletes and non-athletes, and learned that young people and their parents are uneducated of either the prevalence of or the real dangers of these powerful drugs. Today, the THF is widely recognized as the national leader in education on the topic of APED use by the youth of the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.  To date, the THF has spoken to almost one million people directly with their education programs.





  • Family-based
  • Providing parents, coaches, and other adult influencers with knowledge and tools
  • Values, integrity, ethics (character), leadership, and respect
  • Making the right choices with respect to healthy lifestyle
  • Good steward of funds
  • Volunteer-oriented organization


Founded 2004