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Anabolic steroids are against the spirit of sports

Anabolic steroids are against the spirit of sports

Most people who take steroids think there is minimal risk and that they can take it. But it’s going through your brain, its going through your organs and your nervous system and your reproductive system and your heart and liver. There are steroids in some medications but they are not used to build muscle or endurance.… Continue Reading...

Arizona Teen Dies After Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks

Lanna Hamann, 16, from Arizona died after drinking too many energy drinks as she vacationed in Mexico. Lanna Hamann, 16, was vacationing with friends in Rocky Point, Mexico, when she suddenly had a heart attack and died. Her friends say that instead of drinking water, she was drinking energy drinks.

Lanna told the father of one of her friends that she wasn’t feeling well after spending a day on the beach.… Continue Reading...

Steroid-fuelled personal trainer is jailed for raping one client and attempting to rape another woman

Bodybuilder and personal trainer Francis Skachill, 39, who has been jailed for 15 years for rape and attempted rape of two women

Dangerous … Francis Skachill described himself as a ‘caveman’ as he attacked one of his victims

A STEROID-fuelled personal trainer who raped one of his clients and then attempted to rape another woman while he was still on bail for the first attack has been jailed.

“Caveman” Francis Skachill, 39, who had a history of violence, took cocaine and anabolic steroids to increase his sexual appetite before committing his sick crimes.… Continue Reading...

Commissioner Rob Manfred defends baseball’s steroid policy

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred discussed the issue of drug testing during a press conference in New York.

Manfred: PED testing is doing its job

NEW YORK — Baseball’s big boss yesterday told the world to back off when it comes to “baseless” steroids whispers — unless you have some proof.

David Ortiz in recent years has swatted away speculation about performance-enhancing drug use, circling back to the subject himself in a piece for The Players’ Tribune in 2015.… Continue Reading...

Here’s What It Looks Like When You’ve Taken Steroids for 27 Years

Anyone who has ever picked up a body building magazine has probably come across Rich Piana and his insanely massive physique:

rich piana

New high of 314lbs!! Ok everyone I have to be honest and say I am miserable at this size and definitely not wanting to continue putting size on! I know I have more than proven my point of how easy it really is to be successful in life at whatever you choose if you are willing to do #whateverittakes and work your ass off 24/7 and #nevergiveup my total gain in muscle is 38lbs in 9 weeks and I’m at 9 meals a day and not even at the craziest part of the cycle!!

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Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista leads a THF “Hoot’s Chalk Talk” Event

“All Me, PED Free”  –  On Friday in Texas, Jose Bautista met with a group of young baseball players to discuss the dangers of using performance enhancing drugs in an event organized by the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

“I think when they hear it coming from me — I’m still active, I’m still successful and I have taken a pledge to continue to play at this level without the use of prohibitive substances,” Bautista told Gregor Chisholm of… Continue Reading...

How Much Protein Can Your Body Use from One Meal?

Steak is a high protein meal

Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD

Sports Nutrition Expert, Spokesperson, Author

How much protein can your body digest and use at a time? If you you eat the right amount of protein at every meal you’ll supposedly hit the sweet spot – maximum muscle growth and satiety (fullness) without wasting food or money.… Continue Reading...

Amateur Athletes Who Use Steroids Experience Side Effects Both on and Off Testosterone



Since the 1980s, illicit use of androgenic and anabolic steroids has spread from elite athletes into the general population. Despite the high level of steroid use among amateur athletes, little is known about this population. Mayo Clinic researchers sought to identify and characterize patterns of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) in a cohort of this population.… Continue Reading...

Russian Insider Says State-Run Doping Fueled Olympic Gold

Dozens of Russian athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, including at least 15 medal winners, were part of a state-run doping program, meticulously planned for years to ensure dominance at the Games, according to the director of the country’s antidoping laboratory at the time.

The director, Grigory Rodchenkov, who ran the laboratory that handled testing for thousands of Olympians, said he developed a three-drug cocktail of banned substances that he mixed with liquor and provided to dozens of Russian athletes, helping to facilitate one of the most elaborate — and successful — doping ploys in sports history.

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THF and Atlanta Falcons present Moms Safety Clinic


Falcons present Moms Safety Clinic

Falcons and THF present Moms Safety Clinic

TIFTON — Mom’s night out just got a little more physical.

The Atlanta Falcons Moms Football Safety Clinic visited Tift County High Monday, delivering information on football before giving the approximately 120 attendees a chance to experience life on the gridiron for themselves.… Continue Reading...