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Bryan, TX man arrested for steroid possession

This Bryan, TX man could spend 10 years in prison for possessing anabolic steroids!


A 21-year-old Bryan man remained behind bars Wednesday after authorities reported finding steroids in his car.

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper said he stopped a sport utility vehicle about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday for an expired license plate and inspection sticker.Continue Reading...

Delay would not have altered Braun’s drug test

It would be unheard of for a urine sample such as the one given by Ryan Braun to have degraded into abnormally high levels of testosterone or into synthetic testosterone during the 44 hours that it sat in a refrigerator waiting to be shipped to a testing lab, according to an international expert on drug testing of athletes.… Continue Reading...

Race dog tests positive for steroids

Greyhound Racing South Australia  completed an inquiry on 22 February 2012 into the circumstances relating to the obtaining of the positive urine sample from the greyhound Man Of Honour at theGreyhound Racing SA meeting held at Gawler on Sunday 11th December 2011.

Man Of Honour tested positive to the banned anabolic steroid.… Continue Reading...

Penn State dismissal related to steroids?

Penn State dismissed defensive end Shawn Oakman Tuesday night with a simple, one sentence statement released to the media.

Penn State freshman defensive end Shawn Oakman has been dismissed from the football team due to a violation of team rules,” the release issued by Penn State Football Director of Communications Jeff Nelson stated.… Continue Reading...

N.C. State Linebacker Fails Drug Test

N.C. State starting football player D.J. Green is out for the season.  He tested positive for a banned substance and will not play this year.

As with most athletes who find themselves in this position, he claims he must have picked this banned substance up by using a nutritional supplement.… Continue Reading...

Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey, here with fiancee Brittany Klobuchar, was taken to Tampa General Hospital in June with severe liver damage.

Stephen Bailey should not have survived, his doctor says. Not after taking 200 Tylenol PM tablets, a dose that shut down his liver.

But after four months at Tampa General Hospital, procedures to stop his brain from swelling and repair damage to his liver, lungs, nerves, intestines, kidneys and colon, the 25-year-old Sebring man went home Friday.… Continue Reading...

Supplements can be very dangerous

Over the counter supplements can be dangerous.  Very dangerous!

These substances are unregulated and are marketed to our young people who assume that if they are buying a product at a GNC or other health food store, they that product “must be safe”.  As we are leaning, that is not always the case.… Continue Reading...

Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun ‘dodged a bullet’: Dick Pound

Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun claimed victory Friday for "everybody who has ever been wrongly accused," but anti-doping experts say Braun's claims of innocence are false.

"He's won on a very thin legal technicality that has no substantive value at all," said Dick Pound, a Montreal-based lawyer and the former head of the World Anti-Doping Agency.Continue Reading...

Ryan Braun wins appeal but still faces court of public opinion

So much for the dust-up over National League most valuable player Ryan Braun‘s testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs and potentially forfeiting the award to the DodgersMatt Kemp, who finished second in the voting.

Braun’s positive test result and the 50-game suspension that went with it were thrown out Thursday by baseball arbitrator Shyam Das, clearing the former Granada Hills High standout to play for the Milwaukee Brewers on opening day in April.Continue Reading...

Ryan Braun Wins Appeal of Suspension

NEW YORK — National League MVP Ryan Braun‘s 50-game suspension was overturned Thursday by baseball arbitrator Shyam Das, the first time a baseball player successfully challenged a drug-related penalty in a grievance. 



 The decision was announced Thursday by the Major League Baseball Players Association, one day before the 28-year-old outfielder was due to report to spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers.Continue Reading...