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78% of India athletes are using steroids or supplements

85% of school and college athletes in India report that their coaches and fitness trainers encouraged them to take supplements similar to steroids to perform well.  About 78% report that they have taken that advice and are using supplements and straight steroids.  They report that these products are easy to obtain.… Continue Reading...

Pitcher tests positive for 5 banned substances

In what some experts believe is a first, an athlete has tested positive for five banned substances at one time!


Since baseball introduced drug testing a decade ago, first in the minor leagues and then in the majors, a large majority of those who have tested positive for performance-enhancers and been suspended have not been familiar names.Continue Reading...

Sprinter claims that he was “accidently” injected with steroids

For those of you not familiar with steroids, let me assure you all that a doctor could not “accidently” mistake cortizone for nandrolone!

This story will show you what lengths young people will go to in support of denying this behavior.


By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, January 26, 6:33 AM

BERN, Switzerland - The Swiss athletics federation says sprinter Pascal Mancini will sue a doctor after twice testing positive for a banned steroid.
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NJ ADs report that steroid testing program is working!

For those of you that follow this issue, this is an important milestone.  The high school athletic directors in the state to first introduce steroid testing conclude that their testing program is working.  That it is deterring the use of anabolic steroids.


High school athletic directors in New Jersey - one of the three states that test student-athletes for steroid use - praise the process, even though more than 2,500 tests at a cost of $200 each have yielded only about a dozen positive results since testing began in 2006.Continue Reading...

NJ coaches agree – testing deters youth steroid use

Public officials believe NJ’s steroid testing program is working.   It’s detering kids from using Steroids.


CHERRY HILL - Bigger. Stronger. Faster.

In a sports world where athletes want to get as much of an edge on the competition as possible, the use of steroids is a relatively quick fix.Continue Reading...

Lacrosse Players Use Drugs Most Among NCAA Athletes

Most people associate steroid use with football and baseball.  Maybe even wrestling.

Turns out that the sport in which these drugs are most abused is lacrosse!


Men's lacrosse players were the biggest illicit drug users among athletes competing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's 23 sanctioned sports, according to a survey by the governing body.Continue Reading...

Health food store owner to spend 14 mos in jail for selling steroids

This story is typical these days.  Another health food store owner selling steroids.  Why?  Because many of the customers coming into these “legal” health food stores are really looking for illegal steroids.


A FORMER Aylesbury shopkeeper has been jailed for 14 months for selling illicit drugs and steroids under the counter. 

Ricky Thomas, 25, who ran Health Zone in the Cloisters, supplied customers with a wide variety of drugs commonly abused by bodybuilders, including viagra, testosterone, Diazepam and breast-reduction drugs.Continue Reading...

Steroid abuse major problem among police officers

As we’ve chronicled on these pages, the use of steroids rampant among police nationwide.  This illegal behavior by cops may explain, at least in part, why there has been so little enforcement used against this illegal drug use by our youth.


Investigations in Oregon, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New York and other states have in recent years found disturbing evidence of police officers abusing steroids.

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Why the UFC can’t hope to stop steroid use

Visitors, this is a MUST READ article, because it applies to so much more than just the MMA.  Please read this writer’s perspective on the powerful drive in sports competition to cheat and use drugs.


“The use of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids is dangerous and it sends the wrong message that there are shortcuts to accomplishment.

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Another MMA fighter tests positive for steroids

It appears that almost weekly now another MMA fighter tests positive for performance enhancing drugs!  And as we’ve witnessed, this sad behavior is not limited to just the men.


Another prominent fighter for Strikeforce has been accused of taking a banned substance.

A urine sample provided by light-heavyweight Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal for his Jan.Continue Reading...