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Were steroids the culprit in the Norway slaughter?

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the recent Norway killing tragedy, some are beginning to focus on the possible connection between Anders Breivik’s heavy use of anabolic steroids and the violent episode that left nearly 100 innocent people dead.

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Steroids in the NBA?

Former Maverick and Laker Samaki Walker was caught with 8 bottles of liquid steroids.  He told officials that “he uses steroids to enhance his performance on the court.

Something tells me that Samaki Walker is not the only NBA player using steroids??


Former Louisville forward Samaki Walker tried to eat his way out of trouble in Arizona.

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Sleep: a more effective performance enhancer than steroids?

Sleep, Not Steroids Is The Answer To Better Athletic Performance

July 27, 2011 by Personal Liberty News Desk
With more athletes being put on trial for steroid use, sports stars are constantly searching for legal ways to improve their game. A recent study shows that the answer could be as simple as getting a good night's sleep.

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Dermatologists: key player in front line defense against AAS

Modern Medicine published an article in their current issue that should be of interest to any physicians visiting our site.  In the article, a medical professor makes the argument that dermatologists are in a great position to recognize steroid abuse by their patients and to begin discussing the dangers of this drug use with them.… Continue Reading...

Norway killer Anders Breivik carried out slaughter pumped up on steroids

Has everyone in the news media missed the fact that Anders Breivik was pumped up on steroids when he committed his slaughter in Norway?  Our media is so focused on whether he was a left or right winger that they’ve missed the fact that he was loaded with steroids.

Could we be witnessing the worst of what’s termed “roid rage” here?… Continue Reading...