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Another steroid lab busted – this time, Oklahoma

As we travel the country, we teach kids and adults that the steroids they are buying in the gym or over the Internet do not come out of pharmaceutical companies.  Rather, they come out of someone’s garage!

This is exactly the case uncovered in a recent bust in Moore, OK.

Want to learn what a “real” steroid lab looks like?  Take a look a this video:


Three Moore residents were arrested on felony complaints after authorities raided a home-based steroids lab, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control spokesman Mark Woodward said.
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Student Matthew Swordy died after taking steroids

Another week, another steroid-related death.

How many kids are going to have to die before our leadership wakes up and realizes that anabolic steroids are DANGEROUS drugs?


A POPULAR student with a "hidden" heart condition collapsed and died after taking anabolic steroids in a bid to "bulk-up", an inquest heard.

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Long-term steroid use damages the heart

How many articles are we going to have to post to convince the skeptics that steroids are dangerous?  In fact, as many of us know personally, they can be deadly!


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Steroids and Kidney Damage

For all of our visitors, please take a look at this article and WATCH the video.  If you are skeptical about the damage that steroids can do to the body, the time you spend reading this and viewing the video will help open your eyes . . . . . hopefully!… Continue Reading...

Is the NHL the next league to be put under the steroid spotlight?

I’ve posted a couple of articles in recent weeks indicating alleged ties between the NHL and steroids.  From the looks of it, things are starting to heat up!


MONTREAL – It looks like the NHL and the Washington Capitals are going to have to face questions again about the Caps' relationship with a Virginia chiropractor arrested last month in connection with performance-enhancing drugs, including the steroids, testosterone and nandrolone.

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Major steroid operation was in Iowa

All it takes to set up a steroid manufacturing operation is some powder (illegally imported from China), and some liquid (typically some form of cooking oil), and a kitchen counter top.

Here is another steroid “manufacturing” operation which was taken down this weekend in Iowa.  And, according to this article, it was a big one


Des Moines narcotics officers say they were still cataloging and testing apparent steroids in liquid and tablet form nearly a week after a raid at an alleged steroid manufacturing operation in Urbandale.

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Are Washington Capitals Hockey Players Linked to Steroid Distributor?

Some of the general public are under the impression that steroids are a problem only in professional baseball.  For anyone who keeps up with this column, you will know that this is not the case.


When investigators from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida raided the Lakeland home of Richard “Andy” Thomas last year and found $200,000 worth of steroids, the former bodybuilder bragged that he supplied performance-enhancing drugs to members of the Washington Capitals andWashington Nationals.

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Canadian College Football Player Arrested for Steroid Distribution

Think steroids is just an American problem?  Think again.  These illegal drugs are being used by athletes all over the world.


Failure to implement policy at pro level sets bad example, university officials say

Local university administrators, coaches and players are calling for professional sport's final holdout, the Canadian Football League, to adopt a drug policy now.

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Miss. State Univ Student Busted with Steroids

We have made an aggressive effort to convince Mississippi educators of the need to bring our Hoot’s Chalk Talk education program to their state.  But, we are continuously told that there is no need for such a program in Mississippi, because “we don’t have a steroid problem with Mississippi kids.”

Well, here is another news article about another bust of another young person in the Great State of Mississippi.  How many of these in your face examples is it going to take to convince our leaders that there is a crying need to be talking to our kids about this problem?… Continue Reading...

Scott Siegel, who starred in ‘The Wrestler’, sentenced for dealing steroids

If you saw the moving “The Wrestler”, you saw steroids in action.  But the truth is, at least one of the main actors obtained his beefed up look by using steroids – for real.  And he is now paying a real life price for his behavior.


The muscle-bound actor who portrayed a steroid dealer in the 2008 hit film “The Wrestler” got body slammed with a 63-month prison sentence Monday for distributing non-cinematic steroids and taking cops on a destructive 30-minute chase as he evaded arrest.

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